Snooker Room & Skittle Alley refurbishment

Snooker Room & Skittle Alley refurbishment

During the past two months, the club's Snooker room and skittle alley have been completely redecorated. A group of volunteers firstly repainted the old Orange and Green walls in a more relaxing shade of Oatmeal or Beige!!snooker table

After four coats were applied it was thought safe to move onto phase two which involved covering the original industrial ceiling with a modern suspended one. The lights and fire alarm sensors have also been incorporated into the ceiling panels giving it an overall uniform finish. The Dartboard has now been moved to its new position outside the committee room. Finally, the shelves, pictures and coat racks were re-hung.

Now also with a new snooker table light system, (it's still only £2 per session), and an airier feel to the whole space, it can truly be called a second function room.skittle alley Although we can quite rightly congratulate ourselves on a job well done, there are further plans to introduce some comfortable chairs and a coffee table or two to allow the basement to also be used for quieter pursuits. Watch this space.

Credit where credit's due - The much-needed impetus for refurbishing the basement was inspired by ideas and drawings supplied by Caroline Clark, Tricia Kent together with Linda & Bill Webster. The greater part of the physical work was undertaken by Marita Wakeham, Bridget Elgar, Paul Harrington, Dave Munn, Frank Mackie and others too numerous to mention.

Thanks must go to everyone who played a part in giving our basement a much-needed facelift. When the smell of the paint has faded away we are looking forward to welcoming friends old and new to our refurbished games facilities in the upcoming season.

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