The Bere Ferrers Social Club

Membership Application

Welcome to the Club

We're delighted that you're interested in becoming a member of the BFS club.
We are non-political and not affliliated to any other club or society.
Our club is run by an elected committee and is operated for the benefit of it's members.
When you apply to join the club your application will be read at the next committee meeting and then subject to approval, you will then become a member of the club!
The Club Treasurer will contact you by email for your membership subscription.

The entertainments committee will send you an email periodically to update you on forthcoming events but in case that doesn't reach you, our monthly activities are included in The Bere Link, on our Facebook page as well as this website. There is also a large poster outside the club which highlights upcoming events.

Join The BFS Club


  1. Renewal applications are only available to members in previous year.
  2. Senior memberships are only available to those over state pension age who have been members for a full year.
  3. One full year membership is required - eg. joined Aug 2022 to Aug 2023 is a year, therefore eligible for Senior rate March 2024
  4. Completion of this form implies acceptance of the club rules. A copy of the rule book is available on the foyer notice board.
  5. We will send you an invoice by email that will include various payment options, including online payment.
    Please note that email messages from our system to addresses ending, and are rejected. If you have an alternative email account, such as, please use that. Otherwise, we will have to use SMS text messages instead of email.
  6. The Club has limited disabled facilities.
  7. Your details will be held on a secure database and will not be disclosed to any third party without your express consent.
  8. The club plans to use the email system to keep members informed with the activities of the club.