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The Bere Ferrers Social Club

Here are just a few of our great activities and awesome events

Open Mic Nights

Musicians gather on the first and third Wednesday of the month to play and sing for FREE.

Quiz Nights

Test your general knowledge. Held on the second Tuesday of every month. Teams of six or fewer.

Foodie Events

Always popular, foodie events are held to showcase a variety of different cuisines.


Bingo is held on the second Friday of every month. Eyes down at 7:30pm.

Language Classes

Improve your French & Spanish. Language and conversation classes held weekly.

Table Tennis

Open to everyone, this weekly event is an enjoyable and fun way to stay fit and active.

Still to come this

Unless otherwise indicated, all events are FREE.

Food glorious food.

Look out for our special foodie events.
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Who We Are

The BFS Club, formerly known as The Bere Ferrers Social Club, has been a cornerstone of the community since its inception in 1947. The club's transition to its current building in 1985 solidified its importance to the residents of Bere Ferrers and neighbouring areas. The club has undoubtedly served as a valuable asset, providing a hub for social gatherings and fostering a sense of community spirit among the villagers. Supporting Charities and Community Projects* The activities in the Club are driven by a desire to give back. This support extends to various charities and community projects, enriching the lives of those in need.

  • By participating in these activities, members contribute not only to the betterment of society but also to the sustainability of the Club itself.
  • This dual purpose of supporting charitable causes while fostering a strong community within the Club creates a meaningful and impactful environment for all involved.
In recent years, over £8000 has been raised at the Club for charities and support groups such as Comic Relief, Go Beyond (formerly CHICKS), Devon Air Ambulance and the Bere Ferrers Villagers' Group.

The BFS Club

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Volunteer Bar Staff: The Unsung Heroes of Our Club

The bar at our club is staffed solely by volunteers.

That's extraordinary people just like you who give up their time so that others can enjoy an evening out. Flexible Commitment: Whether you can dedicate a regular weekly slot or assist at larger events, any contribution is appreciated. Your support as bar staff is invaluable, no matter how big or small your involvement may be..
Full training given. You must be over 18.