Curry Night Friday 16 September 2022

We open at 6:30pm. We start serving at 7:30pm.

Our Next Curry Night is on Friday 16 September

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We will open at 6:30pm and start serving at 7:30pm.
It's Table Service only, so when you arrive please wait to be seated.

Curry Night is held once a month at the club. It's always very popular and as a consequence we are limited by the numbers we can accommodate.
Curry Night is open to all club members. Members' guests may be invited but only if there is sufficient capacity. Please check first.
We make curries at home that taste as good as you get at restaurants. Our curries are all freshly prepared on the day and are cooked in the 'British Indian Restaurant' style, meaning that they are cooked using fresh ingredients and a pre-prepared base gravy. There is sometimes a Vegan option but always at least one Vegetarian option.
Given sufficient notice, we are able to prepare gluten-free curries and supply gluten-free sides.