The new restrictions have placed an enourmous strain on our volunteers at the club because we now have to virtually double the number of staff for each event. We would therefore ask that you abide by the rules that we have had to put in place and respectfully ask everyone who visits us to be patient while we adapt to the new procedures. You will get your drinks/food but it may take a little longer than you have been used to.


For the avoidance of doubt here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Government's current COVID rules and guidelines and how we at the Club interpret them.

  1. When is the Club open? Unless it is a pre-arranged event and times may vary (See our Diary) the club will be open on Wednesday and Friday evenings 7pm until 10pm, Saturday evening (if staff are available 7pm - 10pm) and Sunday lunchtimes from 12:30pm - 3:30pm. Please check the diary for all other events.
  2. Does the Club have to close at 10pm? Yes – the 10pm closure applies to all bars. Members and their guests may place their last orders for drinks up until 9:40pm. No one will be served after this time, there are no exceptions to this rule.
  3. Do Members and Guests need to wear face coverings while going to the toilet or entering the venue? Yes, new face covering regulations mandate the wearing of a covering in the Club for customers and customer facing staff. A covering should also be worn when moving around the Club, including while going to their table and going to the toilet. This applies to all Members, guests and staff unless they are exempt from wearing masks.
  4. Is table service now required? Table service is now mandatory. Bar service is no longer permitted so drinks and food must be served to Members at their tables. Empty glasses will be collected from tables. We have a solution connected directly to our till which will allow Members to order directly from their tables and their orders be received directly by the bar staff. Click Here to order your drinks online
  5. Hands,Face,Space
  6. Can a Member go to the bar to order food or drink and then have bar staff deliver these items to their table? No, Members and guests are discouraged from moving around the Club. Once seated, orders must be made at the table by staff visiting them or using a technology solution such as an app.
  7. Our bar is Covid secure and has screens on it. Can our Members still go to the bar to order drinks and food? No, these regulations apply to all bars and all situations. Ordering of drinks and food must be taken via table service or a technology solution.
  8. Do the Windows and Doors have to remain open? Yes, opening windows and doors can help improve ventilation although at times some but not all, will be shut to prevent draughts. Heating will be turned on and off by staff only.
  9. Can the Club play recorded music? Yes, but it should be incidental background music. People need to be able to talk without raising their voice/shouting whilst social distancing (1+ metres apart).
  10. Can the Club screen sports, such as football matches? Yes, but shouting and cheering is discouraged (as this has the potential to spread the virus). Therefore everyone should remain seated and keep the TV volume low.
  11. Can the Club allow live bands, if they have social distancing measures in place? Yes, Live performances are now permitted but venues must follow the guidance given by HM Government Performing Arts 
  12. Can the Club accept cash? Yes, but we strongly recommend using contactless card payments as cash can transfer the virus.
  13. Can members use gaming machine? Yes, but strict cleaning and social distancing will be implemented. Hand sanitizers are situated near the machine, staff will clean them regularly.
  14. Can members play on the pool or snooker tables? Yes, but we have control measures. All equipment is kept away from public areas, triangles, cue's, balls etc. are cleaned between new customers. Members playing should be encouraged to sit between shots. Spectators are not allowed to stand around the snooker or pool tables. Other pub games like darts can also be played, with strict control measures in place. There is currently no official guidance on skittles, therefore, we shall not allow skittles until the rules are clearer.
  15. Do Members and Guests have to wear masks whilst playing snooker or darts? Currently we believe that masks are not required whilst persons are playing indoor sports such as snooker and darts. However, wherever possible, social distancing must be observed.
  16. Hands,Face,Space
  17. Can bingo and similar activities still be played? Yes, as before these can still be played but Members must be seated at a table in groups of no more than six people. Groups should not interact with other groups and table service must be provided.
  18. Can Groups rehearse at the Club? Yes, we have bought protective screens which will provide adequate protection from each other and any seated audience. Performers should remain socially distanced from each other at all times (if they are not part of the same support bubble) and should use back-to-back or side-to-side positioning rather than face each other while performing. Additional measures can be found HERE
  19. Noise All venues should ensure that steps are taken to avoid people needing to unduly raise their voices to each other. This includes – but is not limited to – refraining from playing music or broadcasts that may encourage shouting, including if played at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult. This is because of the potential for increased risk of transmission – particularly from aerosol and droplet transmission.
  20. Can the Club host Life Celebrations (Such as Wedding receptions, Wakes, Birthday Parties etc?) Yes, but they are strictly limited to no more than 15 guests. From 28 September, sit-down receptions of up to 15 people are allowed at a "Covid-secure" venue.
  21. New legal requirements regarding test and trace: Clubs, pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants and other leisure venues in England and Wales will now need to advise customers of their obligations by ensuring people are not meeting in groups of more than 6 people on their premises and ensure there is sufficient social distancing space between tables.
  22. I do not wish to use the NHS App or do not have a smartphone You must still record your details on the signing in sheet provided. Details to be recorded include name, telephone number and time of entry. If a person uses the NHS App to ‘check in’ no further information is required and they do not need to sign in.