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Membership of the Club - Clarification

Membership of the Club - Clarification

The Bere Ferrers Social Club is a private members club and as such we have to by law, follow certain guidelines which permit us to operate as a club.

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In recent months It has become increasingly common for members to invite their guests to the club on more than the occasions which are permitted by our club rules.

1.6.3 Members’ Guests shall not be introduced more than 2 (two) times in any 30 (thirty) day period or more than 4 (four) times in 12 (twelve) months. If either of these totals is reached then the Member’s Guests are required to apply for Full Membership if they wish to continue to use the Club facilities.

In addition the following rules apply;
1.11.5 No person whose subscription is unpaid shall make any use of the Club premises or take part in its proceedings.

1.11.6 Any new prospective Member to be charged for the first year’s membership at the pro-rata rate of 1/4 (one quarter) per full quarter month remaining of the membership year, including the approval month.

To clarify rule 1.11.6 above, as it is now October, any individual wishing to become a member of the club (for the first time) will have to pay a £12.50 membership fee which will expire at the end of the AGM in February 2020. Thereafter an annual fee of £25 per person is payable during March 2020 to maintain continuity of membership.
If this annual payment is not forthcoming, and they want to continue to use the club, then the full membership fee becomes payable at any time during that or subsequent years. This rule applies equally to individual and senior members.

You may only join the club once using the pro-rata rules. If your previous membership has lapsed for whatever reason, you will be asked to pay the full membership fee no matter the time of year

Existing club members are rightly annoyed that a minority of guests are continuing to use the club, it's facilities and events, (offered at subsidised rates to members of the club), when their presence as guests, is clearly in breach of our published rules.

If you or your guests would like to become a member of the club and enjoy all that it has to offer, then please pick up an application form from the bar or download one HERE additionally you are welcome to ask any committee member who will assist you with your application.

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