What can we do from 17th May 2021?

What can we do from 17th May 2021?

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From the 17th May we can do the following:

  • Open outside and inside without a curfew and without the requirement to serve food with drinks.
  • Outside in our Bistro Garden, groups of up to 30 people can be accommodated.
  • Inside the Club, the Rule of Six will apply. This means that six people from any number of households can sit together at the same table. Additionally, two households of any number of people can also sit together.
  • Table Service is still a requirement both inside and outside. Customers should sit at their tables and order through Club Bar staff or App technology Click Here to order your drinks online.
  • All Customers, both inside and out, should sign into the Club using the NHS App and QR code or by signing into the Club’s Signing in Book.
  • Customers should wear masks when moving around the Club but can remove their masks when they are seated.
  • Club Staff should continue to wear masks whilst on duty.
  • Social distancing is not required within the Rule of Six groups (and for groups of 30 outside) but groups should be socially distanced from other groups.

We are also pleased to announce that indoor activities such as Snooker, Pool and Darts can once again be enjoyed by Members. The Rule of Six applies to these activities and whilst Members may wish to wear their masks during these activities they are able to be removed if the players involved wish. Activities such as Bingo and Quizzes can also resume, as can card games but card games must be confined to the Rule of Six rule – players cannot move tables to play against persons, not in their Rule of Six.

Club Entertainment can also return. Again, Rule of Six applies and please ensure that the entertainment acts and artists are kept socially distanced from the audience.

Functions such as weddings (and wedding receptions), wakes and other life events can also now take place for up to 30 people inside the Club. Additionally, organised adult sport and exercise classes can resume indoors. There are still some questions regarding how exactly guests are meant to behave at, for instance, a wedding reception but hopefully, clarity regarding these questions will be available soon.

Table Tennis

Under these new guidelines Table Tennis England have stated;

"Table tennis sessions, which are formally organised by a club, league or similar organisation, in line with Table Tennis England ready to return guidance, can therefore continue to operate as they have been doing with the continued application of the bubble of six rule."

Other Events

Other events which would usually happen at the club can continue as usual within the existing rules. So for things like Grumpy Club, Sunday lunchtimes and more structured events such as Quiz Nights, Saturday Coffee mornings and Supper Nights may carry on but with due regard to the rules of Social distancing, hygiene and face coverings.

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